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Davanto is a Dutch artist and music producer from Leiden, The Netherlands.

“I have a passion for music. Music comes first!
I am passionate about creating my own music: Writing new lyrics, come up with new melodies and bring it all together in the music production mix.”
> I hope for everyone to find their passion, like I found my passion for music <

Davanto’s professional career started in 2017.
In 2018 he released his first single ‘King of the world’.

“Freedom for me means that I can create the music that I want to make with full creative freedom. It also means that I can do what I like to do most in life, whenever I want, whereever I want.”
> Don’t be a hostage of your life, choose freedom <

Davanto songs can vary from up tempo dance songs to compelling ballads, but all with the focus on creating commercial pop songs.

“I believe that I can achieve my goals if I really set my mind to it.
Sometimes life can be hard, lonely or even depressing, but inner power and personal motivation are key to be successful in life.”
> You can make your dreams come true, if you dare, if you want to <

Davanto’s inspiration comes from a variety of musical genres like pop, dance, country, rock, and metal.
Some artists that inspired Davanto are The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris and Linkin Park.

“I have learned that life is not only the game of wealth and power.
True happiness is when you enjoy the things you do and can share your life with family, friends and people you love.”
> Be happy, enjoy your life <

The wide spectrum of musical influences results in a diverse mix of songs and defines the unique sound of Davanto.